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Thank you for inquiring about our DJ-entertainment services for your special event. We look forward to the opportunity to help make your celebration a time you will always remember with joy; an unforgettable experience. DancenSound promises you that, and more.

It is the music that makes a party sensational.

It is the music that will get everyone dancing, laughing and having fun.

  It is the music that creates the energy and makes the room vibrate with
     the beat.

  It is the music that will make your friends call the next day to say it was
     the best party they'd ever been to.

  DancenSound can help make your special occasion be that kind of

You can be confident that DancenSound will bring you personalized and professional service, along with affordability, and flexibility. Depend on high quality sound, with a wide variety of music selections, then add our optional dazzling lighting system, designed to enhance the music program, and bring a special ambiance to your affair. This will be a party long remembered by you and by your guests.

We welcome questions and look forward to meeting with you to help you plan your party of a lifetime.

Your DancenSound Team
Rich and Jan Otten

Serving Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties since 1995

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