Cath's Quilt Page

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This is the quilt I made with Willow's Sunday school class, Spring 2006. The kids drew artwork on fabric with pastels (Pentel FabricFun), which we heat-set by ironing. I took group photos which I printed onto photo transfer sheets using an ink jet printer. They were then transfered to fabric using an iron. The text was printed directly onto fabric pre-treated with Bubble Jet Set. Trevor's mom, Patricia, helped with this project.


Here is Liam on his baby quilt, around December 2004. The quilt was completed in fall 2004.


This little quilt block hangs in Rick's work cubicle. An Ohio Star in honor of Ohio's bicentenniel. December 2003.


This is a Trip around the World pattern variation, in Amish-style solid colors.It was completed in August 2004, for our seventh anniversary.


Willow and the cat both like it.


These show details of Willow's third quilt -- she helped with the applique border. It was completed in January 2005, although we pieced the top in the fall of 2004, before Liam arrived. Berry Fine Quilting did the quilting on it (the first time I've sent something out to be quilted). They did a nice job.



This little wall hanging strategically covers some ugly holes in our living room wall. This is really the only quilt I made in 2005. Amazing how an infant absorbs all your free time -- in a good way, of course!


This is a project in progress. My friends from work, Divya and Tara, pieced the top. I quilted it with stars and squiggles. It's for the baby of a coworker. 2006.


I made this fleece baby blanket for our nephew. His Mom is a quilter, so I decided not to make him a quilt, but to try something different. Spring 2000. Below are details of the animals.





This is Willow's baby quilt. The third quilt I ever made. The first I tried free-motion quilting on. The Bargello design looks complex, but it was actually relatively easy to piece.

dragonstar.jpg dragonstarclose.jpg

I made this Sawtooth star quilt for my neice Gretchen (in photo). The main fabric shows scenes of dragons, castles, apple trees. These drawings were inspired by a children's storybook "The Reluctant Dragon." I quilted the border with continuous-line castles and trees.

fatcats.jpg fatcatsback.jpg

This was a baby quilt for the son of a cat-loving friend. It's still one of my favorites. The cats were made by machine applique, using fusible web. I free-motion quilted lots of swirls and squiggles onto the kitties. The backing fabric features paw prints.


I made this triple Irish chain quilt for my parents. I wanted a "scrappy" look, so I used a variety of new fabrics. This was my first and last try at using store-bought templates. The quilted hand template was traced from Willow's hand, at about age 15 months. I've mostly given up on using any kind of quilting templates at all lately. I mostly just go with free-motion.

jungle.jpg jungleback.jpg

This little baby quilt was made for my nephew. I traced animal outlines to make templates for the quilting designs in the border. You can see traces of the chalk I used to trace the templates. Did I mention that I like using black and white checkerboard as backing for baby quilts -- it's a nice visual stimulation for developing brains. I used bright colors of thread to quilt the border animals. And I just free-motion outlined the animals and foliage in the blocks, also in various brighly colored threads.


Another baby quilt. Aquarium theme, with fish swimming in and around bright nine-patch blocks.