Songs that are fun to sing with groups of kids


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (C/D)
ABC Song (C/D)
Baa Baa Black Sheep (C/D)
B-I-N-G-O (D)
Row, row, row your boat (C)
Old MacDonald (G)
London Bridge is falling down (C)
On top of spaghetti (C)
She'll be coming round the mountain (G)
You are my sunshine (D)
Barnyard Song (I had a bird and my bird pleased me...) (A)
Mary had a little lamb (C)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (D)
Daisy Daisy (D)
The Muffin Man (G)
Hickory Dickory Dock (C)
Jack and Jill (A)
Sing a song of sixpence (C)
Hey Diddle Diddle (D)
Rain Rain Go Away (C)
Pussy cat and Queen (D)
I'm a little teapot (C)
Six in the bed
Rock a bye baby (G)

(key in parentheses)

Older Kids

I've got Peace in my Fingers [Susan Salidor]
We're all a family under one sky [Ruth Pelham] (G)
A place in the choir [Bill Staines]
Uncle Joe
The Garden Song [Dave Mallett] (D)
She'll be coming round the mountain
Down by the Bay
Jig Along Home [Woody Guthrie]
Howjadoo [Woody Guthrie]
Going to the Zoo [Tom Paxton]
The Marvelous Toy [Tom Paxton]

It's fun to take a simple song like "She'll be coming round the mountain" and let kids take turns making up new verses. Toddlers like doing this with "Old MacDonald" and "The Barnyard Song," choosing different animals and their sounds.